Prayer week leads to 5 Muslim’s converting…

IMG_2828What a privilege to lead people to God!

Earlier this year the Service Year for Christ-team came to realize that we have this small community, called Rusthof, pressed on our hearts very strongly. In this town is a High School, named Rusthof High, where we decided that we would start off impacting this community for Jesus Christ. Upon entering the school we saw high fences and walls for isolation purposes. We were surprised to be informed that all these fences and walls aren’t as much to keep the students inside the premises as it is for keeping gangs and disruptive people outside. The school suffers regular loss of students’ lives due to homicide, suicide and drug abuse.

Our entry point into the school was through a jewel with the name of Mrs Myra Julies. She is a teacher at Rusthof High and she heads up a small UCSA group every Tuesday where she encourages the students and gives Christ-centred input into their lives – without her the school wouldn’t have any Christian activities, as this school is largely an unbelieving and/or muslim-based population. Our relationship with Mrs Julies grew quickly and we were very intentional on building a relationship with the kids in her group, so that they could be transformed and equipped to change their school for God.

A prayer week was organized in the Helderberg area in June this year, and we thought it well to make good use of the opportunity, and to extend it to Rusthof High. With all kinds of ideas thrown around and with good initiative we ended up having our own little prayer week at this school, where the Holy Spirit just worked in so many hearts – students joined the fellowship and give their lives to God, even 5 Muslim-students converted and placed their faith in Jesus Christ for the first time. The students that were already in the group received so much encouragement out of this week as well, so it stirred up their hearts for transformation in their schools. We are currently following up on a weekly basis in Rusthof High, but more than that, we are desperate to disciple these kids and be a servant-hand to Mrs Julies, who has done so many great things for God in this school. Our heart for them is, like mentioned above, to be changed so radically for God, that they can’t but be the change in this school that is in desperate need of Him.

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My service year journey – Tebogo Makgoane


Last year I completed high-school in my hometown, Brits, located in the North-West Province.  And unlike many of my peers, I at least knew where I was going afterwards.

It all started at a Winklespruit camp, last year April, where I met the ‘Service Year for Christ’ team and came to know about UCSA for the first time. Like many matric-learners I was clueless as to what I should do after I graduated; I prayed to God asking for His guidance. Shortly after, I noticed the ‘Service Year for Christ’ poster posing the ultimate question and solution: “What are you doing next year… take a gap year.” I immediately felt a sense of peace and checked the website advertised for all the details. At the end of the camp my testimony was profound, I was doing a gap year and joining UCSA as a ‘Service Year for Christ’ student.

At first I was terrified at the idea because I didn’t know anything about VCSV/UCSA or the ‘Service Year’ program, so I didn’t know what to expect. During the December month I received a call informing me that I was going to have to join the Western Cape team, as there weren’t any ‘Service Year’ teams in Brits.

So on the 3rd of January I got to meet my team for the first time, and immediately my life started changing. We were challenged on stepping out of our comfort zone and what it means to have a relationship with God. I cannot explain in words how ‘Service Year’ has changed my life. During training Piet (one of our mentors) would tell us stories about young people who were so fired up for God that they changed their schools, communities and even countries, and how the youth can impact the world through their relationship with God. I thought the stories were cool but doubted that I would ever be so influential; according to me, I just didn’t have the confidence or ability to do something so inspirational. But even so my Spirit kept on growing and strengthening during the year, and I continued praying to God, asking Him to use me as He saw fit. And He did. In March I had a dream of Piet informing the entire church about a movement I had started, and how it has changed young people’s lives all over the country! I remember waking up and thinking “Wow! That was awesome!” So I prayed, asking that God reveal the dream’s meaning to me. He then instructed me to start a group on Facebook, which I did, but I didn’t know what to name it. I asked Him what the group should be called, and He said ‘The Chosen One’… at that moment I  thought the name was too cheesy and hesitated,  but God’s will always prevails, because right at that moment, on my way to church, I encountered some network problems and couldn’t complete the details of the group. When I got home everything seemed to be working fine, and Facebook was prompting me to “invite people on the group you just started.”  Right there I knew this was all God’s doing.

Later, on the last day of the “Imagine” camp, I was informed that we would be going on holiday for the month of June, just in time for my mother’s birthday on the 21st! I was eager to spoil her and considered taking her and some of her friends to a park, just to thank her for making this year’s life-changing opportunity possible. As they were speaking in Afrikaans at the camp, I struggled to understand and my mind quickly started drifting away. Suddenly I felt the Holy Spirit’s presence, and He started speaking to me! He told me that on the 21st of June I would be launching ‘The Chosen One’ movement. I hastily borrowed a pen from Handri and started scribbling on a box. I wrote down everything I could think of at that moment e.g Names of people who I had to call and what their responsibilities would be etc. Some of the names I was a bit hesitant to phone as I was afraid what they might think of me or of the movement I was eager to start. But a leap of faith was necessary and quickly I had 23 people who were all on board! It’s still difficult to believe what has been happening, but God is amazing. ‘The Chosen One’ is now a registered private company on Facebook, and our opening-launching will be taking place on the 21st of June, and it is evident that God has been working miracles and moving mountains in my life. Even though our funds aren’t where we hoped they would be, I trust whole-heartedly in the Lord, and know He will provide where necessary.

Five months into ‘Service Year for Christ’ and I’ve grown more spiritually than I ever thought possible. Never would I have imagined that I would be a director of a company, but I tell you this is definitely a year of your life. UCSA has helped me grow into a stronger and more confident young woman, a woman who fears God and who is, herself, fearless. Where risks are insignificant and reaching for the sky is more possible now than ever… all in the hope of saving a soul.

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11 Jarige skryf 30 Dagstukkies!


In verlede kwartaal het ons ’n besoek afgelê in Villiers. Daar vertel die VCSV-juffrou vir ons van ’n elfjarige meisie, Lee, wat daardie afgelope vakansie vir haar ouers gesê het dat sy eendag ’n predikant wil wees.

Sy is ook geïnspireer om ’n dagstukkie-boekie met 30 dagstukkies te skryf.  Die juffrou het vir ons ’n kopie gegee en my mond het oopgehang om te lees wat in ’n elfjarige meisie se hart is. Ons is sooo opgewonde saam met Lee oor haar boekie wat een van die dae ook vir ons beskikbaar gaan wees om by ons skole uit te deel.

Hier is ’n uitreksel van die boekie:

“Jou lewe is besig en jy kry nie tyd vir die Here nie.

Onthou jy kan dag of nag met Jesus praat.  Waar jy ookal is, kan jy met die Here praat. Dit is so fantasties! As jy in die middel van die nag wakker word kan jy nog steeds met die Here Jesus Christus praat. Onthou die Here gee nie om wanneer of waar jy is nie. Die Here is bereid om te luister. “


Stan-Lee Gunter. Ek is tien jaar oud. Die Heilige Gees het vir my gesê om die dagstukkies vir julle te skryf.

Stan-Lee Gunter. Ek is elf jaar oud. Die Heilige Gees het vir my gesê om die dagstukkies vir julle te skryf.

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God honored my husband’s unwavering faith in Him.

My husband and I are expecting the arrival of our little boy in the beginning of July.

Most of our focus and planning are going into our preparation for him. It is with gratefulness in my heart that I can share such news, for just over a year and a half ago our first little boy passed away just a few hours before his birth. We were devastated. I remember that I wondered whether I would ever hold our child in my arms.

My husband turned to me with determination on his face and said: “Don’t worry, Love, my faith is strong enough to carry both of us. Soon you will hold your son in your arms, I have no doubt that God is able.” A few months later we found out we were expecting again.

Today I am a witness to how God honored my husband’s unwavering faith in Him. I will be going on maternity leave from the end of June (God willing) but will be missing my work family a lot! Please keep us in prayer for the last stretch.


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God is groter as die ekonomie

Henry BainskloofIMG_0713

Henry BainskloofIMG_0710

Die VCSV kan soveel stories vertel van hoe die Here voorsien het. Baie van ons kampterreine het ‘n storie oor hoe God dit vir

ons gegee het of hoe Hy mense gestuur het om vir ons te help met herstelwerk of iets wat ons dringend nodig gehad het.

Baie mense glo in vandag se ekonomie gee mense nie meer nie of is die eerste plek waar hulle sny, liefdadigheid. Ons het egter weer beleef dat die ekonomie nie iets is waarin ‘n mens moet vaskyk nie, ons God besit alles.

Mnr. Gawie Eksteen, vorige batebestuurder van die VCSV, het aangebied om een van die kothuise op Bainskloof se stoep toe te maak met aliminiumvensters en ‘n skuifdeur. Mnr Eksteen het die aliminium van Ettienne van Wyk van Skillfull Aliminium bestel. Mnr Van Wyk wou egter nie betaling vir die aliminuim hê nie en het dit aan die VCSV geskenk. Henry van der Schyff, terreinbestuurder van Bainskloof-kampterrein, skryf: “Ons waardeer die tyd en arbeid wat ons Vriende van Bainskloof VCSV ingesit het om dit te laat gebeur .Ons wil ook dankie sê vir die ander klein blessing en geskenke wat ons vir die woonstel ontvang het. Mag ons Here Jesus Christus jul uit jul sokkies bless vir als wat jul tot dusver gedoen het.”

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God is ons Voorsiener

photo (7)


Ons jaar het met ’n uitdaging begin. Ons het baie dinge nodig gehad vir die span se huis. Op ’n stadium kyk ons na ’n preek van Robert Morris van The Blessed Life toe hy sê: Verwag jy dat God jou gaan help of verwag jy dat iemand vir jou gaan geld gee?

Ek het besef ek sit heeltyd en wag dat iemand vir my gaan geld gee. Wie is die regte persoon om mee te praat? Vir wie moet ek ’n voorlegging doen? Waarheen moet ek gaan? Ek besef toe dat ek verwag mense moet my help en ek sien nie regtig God as my Voorsiener nie! Ek probeer dit self uitsorteer!

Ek sê toe vir die Here: “OK, Here, ek los! Ek soek niks meer nie, ek gaan vir niemand vra nie!”

Dit was ongelooflik hoe vinnig dinge toe gebeur het. Ons het vir niemand gevra nie, maar ewe skielik net goed gekry. Mense het net nog en nog en nog gebring. Ons span se hele huis is gemeubileerd, nuwe beddegoed, nuwe stofsuier en ’n wasmajien wat ek gesê het is ’n luukse item, so ons hoef dit nie te hê nie. Ons het ’n veiligheidshek gekry, wat verniet kom opsit is ook. Iemand het ons sleepwa vir ons kom regmaak. Dit het eintlik net ’n nuwe prop nodig gehad maar die man het ’n klomp ander goed ook vir ons verniet reggemaak en dit ook mooi geverf.

God is ons Voorsiener sonder dat ons hoef te gaan soek, ons moet net op Hom vertrou.


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Uiteindelik het ons stoele vir ons kapel!

Strandfontein stoeleSAM_1111 Strandfontein StoeleSAM_1110

Dis al baie jare op Tannie Mirinda Erasmus se hart om stoele of kerkbanke te kry vir die kapel, by ons kampterrein in Strandfontein. Hier is haar storie…

Mnr Gerhardt Viljoen het op 24 Januarie 2014 by ons op die terrein kom bly, aanvanklik net vir ‘n week, hy en sy klein hondjie van 6 weke oud.Sy woorde aan my was dat hy rus en vrede kom soek na ‘n familiekrisis. Deur die loop van sy verblyf het ons aan die gesels geraak en was hy baie geïntereseerd in die doel en late op die terrein asook waarvoor VCSV / UCSA staan.Na ‘n kerkdiens en doopplegtigheid op 26 Januarie 2014 in die Kapel gelei deur Ds Wikus Lambrechts van die NG Kerk op Lutzville, sy skrifgedeelte was  Prediker 2 vanaf 17, wat Mnr Viljoen ook bygewoon het, het hy my deur die loop van die week kom besoek en ons het gesels oor my drome wat ek nog vir die terrein het. Op Donderdag 30 Januarie het Gerhard vir my brosjures gewys en gevra dat ek ‘n stoel moet kies asook die kleur. Dit het my onverwags betrap en ek kon nie my ore glo toe hy my meedeel dat hy 100 stoele aan die terrein sal skenk nie.

Ek kon dit nog steeds nie glo nie en is op 1 Februarie met vakansie. Nadat ek terug gekom het van vakansie en ‘n bietjie kontak met Gerhard gehad het, het ek getwyfel aan sy bedoelding om stoele te skenk.

Woensdag 5 Maart het Tefla in Kaapstad my gekontak en meegedeel dat die stoele Saterdagoggend afgelewer sou word.  Wat ‘n heuglike dag en nog meer spesiaal om jy ‘n kamp gefasiliteer het.

HOE KAN NOG AAN ONS GOD TWYFEL.  Hy het ‘n engel oor my pad en die terrein gestuur en GOD het my gebed beantwoord, nadat ek solank probeer spaar het om nuwe stoele te koop.   GOD beloof in sy woord dat hy ons gebede sal verhoor as dit sy wil en tyd is.  PRYS DIE HERE WANT HY IS GETROU,  LOOF HOM TOT IN EWIGHEID.

Mirinda Erasmus

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