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Prayer week leads to 5 Muslim’s converting…

IMG_2828What a privilege to lead people to God!

Earlier this year the Service Year for Christ-team came to realize that we have this small community, called Rusthof, pressed on our hearts very strongly. In this town is a High School, named Rusthof High, where we decided that we would start off impacting this community for Jesus Christ. Upon entering the school we saw high fences and walls for isolation purposes. We were surprised to be informed that all these fences and walls aren’t as much to keep the students inside the premises as it is for keeping gangs and disruptive people outside. The school suffers regular loss of students’ lives due to homicide, suicide and drug abuse.

Our entry point into the school was through a jewel with the name of Mrs Myra Julies. She is a teacher at Rusthof High and she heads up a small UCSA group every Tuesday where she encourages the students and gives Christ-centred input into their lives – without her the school wouldn’t have any Christian activities, as this school is largely an unbelieving and/or muslim-based population. Our relationship with Mrs Julies grew quickly and we were very intentional on building a relationship with the kids in her group, so that they could be transformed and equipped to change their school for God.

A prayer week was organized in the Helderberg area in June this year, and we thought it well to make good use of the opportunity, and to extend it to Rusthof High. With all kinds of ideas thrown around and with good initiative we ended up having our own little prayer week at this school, where the Holy Spirit just worked in so many hearts – students joined the fellowship and give their lives to God, even 5 Muslim-students converted and placed their faith in Jesus Christ for the first time. The students that were already in the group received so much encouragement out of this week as well, so it stirred up their hearts for transformation in their schools. We are currently following up on a weekly basis in Rusthof High, but more than that, we are desperate to disciple these kids and be a servant-hand to Mrs Julies, who has done so many great things for God in this school. Our heart for them is, like mentioned above, to be changed so radically for God, that they can’t but be the change in this school that is in desperate need of Him.

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